Mike Dargas was born 1983 in Cologne. Even as a child, he began to paint. In addition to drawings, the first works he produced were made in oil, which his mother began to sell in the family circle of friends. At the age of eleven, Mike Dargas, with his artistic talent, explores the painting in an urban environment and draws pictures of the Old Masters in pastel and chalk on the Cologne Domplatte. This is followed by a year and a half at art school, which Mike Dargas is the only child in an adult group. In a craft training, Mike Dargas first finds the way to three-dimensional art and models sculptures made of wood. During his early twenties he makes a name for himself in the tattoo scene. Here he wins numerous prizes and awards.

Inspired by artists such as Dalí, Caravaggio or HR Giger and the study of various techniques, he develops a special passion for the realism that he has perfected over the years and which is at the border to hyperrealism.
In his art, Mike Dargas is specialised in the portrayal of humans, whose portraits he paints in oil on canvas. His precise technique produces snapshots that are almost like photographs. The artist studies his sbjectsf so intensely that his works create psychograms that are incredibly intimate.
His models are immersed in thought, show inner conflicts or radiate a graceful, sometimes holy rest. Dargas is not limited to a particular type, he portrays young and old, handsome and gloomy, fragile and strong people. The perfection of his painting technique seems like the pursuit of the perfect image, as if he were looking for the soul of each individual. With his works, Mike Dargas brings the viewer to deal with the essence of humanity, to question his history and to face his own emotional perception.


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