I work in the quarry of mankind and have the heart of a poet.

Sculpture, unavoidably, involves the third dimension. Built space (architecture) and built bodies (sculpture) are complementary forms. Because of the size of buildings and people, architecture mostly creates negative, hollow spaces in which we find ourselves: interior spaces, public squares and streets, urban structures. The positive volume of our human bodies and sculptures, on the other hand, displaces space. In the resulting gap, an as unconscious as spontaneous dialogue between space and body, space and sculpture unfolds.

That is why I began to develop my own sculptures or architectural "stages" for my sculptures. And as a "stage" I understand both my own rooms, as well as public places or other sites marked by me. In these "room installations" all the senses of the visitor are addressed, as acoustics, light, temperature, smell, sense of touch and body sensitivity are deliberately shaped as a total work of art. These spaces change consciousness and strike bridges between the inner dream world and physical existence.
In the dream of the myth lives the spiritual body of the whole society, it is the "public dream". Art, formerly in the service of God, shaman or priest, is today secularized. Nevertheless, it is still connected with the "collective unconscious" of society. Therefore, art is a fundamental way to transform society.





  • „Fünf griechische Göttinnen“, Vorstellung Kunstbarren, Künstlerhaus München,10. Oktober, München
  • Preziosen in Stein, Juwelenschmiede, 17. Dezember 2009 – 22. März 2010, München



  • 2010 Richtfest Kain & Abel – Klangperformance mit Kersten Ginsberg, 30. Januar, Brienner 48, München
  • Resident Artist, 11. Januar – 19. Mai, Brienner 48, München
  • MONOMYTHOS, Block 1: ATEM – KAIN & ABEL, 6.-16. Mai, Brienner 48, München, Deutschland.
  • MONOMYTHOS, Block 1: ATEM – KAIN & ABEL,14. August – 17. Oktober, Arte Contemporáneo Palacio de la Mosquera – Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila), Spanien.
  • „ATEM“, 04.11.2011 – 21.01. 2011, München, Deutschland.



  • 2011 MONOMYTHOS, Environment: AUFERSTEHUNG im HEXENHAUS, 30. Juni – 20. Juli, Schloss Nymphenburg, München



  • ME.NA.SA.ART Beirut Art Fair 2012, 5.-8. Juli 2012, Beirut, Libanon.
  • Galerie Wolkonsky, Von Männern und Frauen – neue Arbeiten, 14. September bis 10. November 2012, München, Deutschland.
  • Bronzearbeiten 14./15./16. Dezember, Ex Libris Haus: zu Gast bei Willi Bucher, Darmstadt, Deutschland.



  • artpul, 30.5.-2.6. 2013, Kunstmesse, Pulheim, Deutschland.
  • „Anacapri Incontra L’arte“, Insel Capri vom 24. – 28 Juli 2013, Italien.
  • „The Story of the Creative„, Multimedia Präsentation, 25. Juli – 10. September, See //
    Exhibition Space, Long Island City, New York, USA.
  • Galerie Wolkonsky, Sommernachtsträume, 18. Juli – 17. September, München, Deutschland.
  • B.AGL ART afFAIRs 2013, 18. bis 22. September 2013, Berlin, Deutschland.
  • ART MARKET BUDAPEST, November 28 – December 1, 2013, Budapest, Hungaria.
  • M45 artpace, Geheime Vernissage, Dec. 5, 2013 – Jan. 6, 2014, Munich, Germany.



  • ART SAFARI BUCHAREST, May, 22-25, Bucharest, Romania.
  • MINIMA GALLERY, August 2014 – August 2015, Mykonos, Greece. 



  • Gutenberg Museum, 26. August bis 29. November 2015, „Am 8. Tag schuf Gott die Cloud – Die Reformation als Medienereignis in Text und Bild“ / „Freund und Feind“ / „BLOCK I – ATEM – Kain und Abel“, Mainz, Deutschland.
  • M45 artpace, Drawings – sculpting ideas by pencil – October 2015
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